19.5oz. Domaine Tulip Red (JC19)


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The best stemware we know of, and itÕs made right here in the USA! These wineglasses are machine-blown by Arc International and are part of their Chef & Sommelier line. Domaine features unsurpassed clarity (98.5%), a gracefully pulled stem, thin walls, super-fine rims, and a ring when pinged like fine lead-crystal Ð even though theyÕre totally lead-free! And best of all, theyÕre the most break-resistant wineglasses on the market, meaning theyÕre dishwasher-safe (providing your dishwasher has ample shelf height and is not too crowded). Each has the manufacturers C&S brand subtly etched on the foot. Sets of four come in the manufacturers elegant 4-color gift box explaining product attributes. Sets of two are packaged in our standard blue gift box. Incredible stemware! Incredible value!

Weight 2 kg

9.25"H x 3.25"W Set of 2, 9.25"H x 3.25"W Set of 4