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Perpetual plaques are an excellent way to reward or recognize employees in your  It shows staff that you acknowledge and appreciate their contribution.  In return, you’ll get their steadfast loyalty, commitment and enhanced productivity.

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Custom Perpetual PlaqueWhat is a Perpetual Plaque?

It is an award plaque usually made of wood with metal plates for engraving names. If you are a large organization with many employees, you may choose to have one per year recognizing staff from various departments throughout the year, or in a small firm just have one that you can add to every year.

Why Should you Consider Custom Perpetual Recognition Plaques?

  • Effective way to reward employees’ hard work: Placing your recognition of the employee’s contribution on record and for everyone to see is a big deal for your staff
  • Generates sense of pride among staff: Having an employee’s name engraved on the plaque is like a permanent testimony to their good work. This will inspire pride in their work.
  • Motivates staff: It is a good way to motivate your staff to give their best efforts so that their names can be included.
  • Promotes employee loyalty: When employees know their efforts are recognized, they are more likely to stay with your organization.
  • Creates a good impression among clients and visitors: It provides an insight into the way you conduct business and fosters a positive image about you as an employer.

Perpetual Recogntion Plaques Bardach AwardsHow can Custom Perpetual Plaques be Used?

  • Monthly/annual employee awards – like “Best Salesperson of the Month/Year”
  • Employee recognition – commemorating years of service
  • Employee achievement – for extraordinary performance
  • Donor acknowledgement – often referred to as a dedication plaque
  • Trophies – for company sports events
  • Company profile – naming the management team

What are the Different Types of Perpetual Plaques Available?

When it comes to the type of perpetual plaque you choose, the sky is the limit for design and creativity. The size, shape and color are entirely up to you. If this is your first perpetual plaque, it is a good idea to decide where you are going to install it first and then design it to suit the space. Most companies that make perpetual plaques have a wide range of products including standard and custom designs.

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