Industrial Marking

The solution for all your Metal and Plastic Marking needs.  

What is “marking”?    Industrial Marking
Marking is a process of identification on an item with a name, logo, graphics, data matrix codes, barcode, serial number and much more!  This is a Non-Contact Marking.  Nothing touches the item so the integrity of the item is never compromised.  There are no drill bits, only a laser beam.  We can permanently mark: Titanium, steel, aluminum, brass, carbide, anodized aluminum, plastics, ceramics and many other materials!
Is the mark permanent?
Physical testing on stainless steel has shown that the laser Laser Markingmark survives testing with organic solvents, acids/bases, hot/cold cycling, abrasion (scratch resistance), salt water spray, lubricants and blow torch.  The dark, crisp, clean mark produced using our laser with the metal marking compound is an easy, simple solution for your metal marking applications.
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Examples of our work:

     Etched Glass Awards